Smile Workshop app let’s you add your own style with quirky hand drawn graphics and text to any photo or image. It’s dynamic editing adds fun, drama and pop to your images.Use the Smile Workshop app to liven up events like birth announcements, birthdays, parties, weddings or your own invitations. Take a posed picture specifically to add our graphic stickers or alternatively use the icons to enhance the image.Be as creative as you like! Capture an image that speaks personality by adding tattoos, celebration stickers, travel icons, quotes and doodles to amplify a moment.It’s easy to change the size and colour, rotate and add multiple graphics including text so you can save and share your smile on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter!






Why did we create it?

So you can add your creative flair and share your personalised smile with everyone

What is so different?

This app has new in-the-know graphics which are quirky and little off center.

Why do we love it?

Smile Workshop app let’s you be creative with your photos by adding fun graphics and text.

What do we offer?

Graphics, graphics and more graphics…with seasonal in-app bundles for you to use!